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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


For the best flat stomach exercises around - look no further if you want to get a flat tummy! It's one thing almost everyone agrees on - the flat stomach exercises you hear all about, need to be easy to do and easy to remember to do. We all want that flat tummy but very few of us keep up the simple stomach exercises - so check out my top 5 tips :

  1. Eat Right :

    The biggest problem for most people is that they have too much abdominal fat. Losing that is the first step to a flat stomach, and requires a combination of diet and exercise. Aim to consistently give your body what it needs: fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, and lean protein. Eat small regular, meals and drink lots of water.

  2. Cardio Exercise :

    One of the keys to burning fat is steady cardio exercise. Performed at least three times per week for a minimum of twenty minutes, this will start to burn away the fat and reveal the muscles that lie beneath.

  3. Interval Training :

    Interval training is very effective at burning fat because it spikes your metabolism, causing you to burn more calories for up to 24 hours after the workout. However, you should only do this intense training once or twice per week.

  4. Work the Abs :

    Of course, you have to work your abs to get that trim shape. A recent study found that the three most effective ab exercises are crunches on an exercise ball, bicycle crunches, and Roman Chair leg lifts. Not sure how to do these? Then....

  5. Enlist Help :

    if you are struggling, whether because you don't know how to eat properly, are unfamiliar with the exercises, or simply need someone to motivate you, then consider working with a personal trainer. They can really make the difference as they push you that little bit further.


Former Victoria’s Secret angel Gisele Bundchen has topped Forbes Magazine’s list of the World’s Top-Earning Models for the second year in a row.

Gisele, twenty-seven, earned an estimated $35 million in 2007. The Brazilian-born Queen of the Catwalk has clocking some serious count fronting promotional campaigns for Pantene, Dolce & Gabbana, and Michael Kors.

Rounding out the top ten are usual suspects :

2. Kate Moss ($9 million)

The 33-year-old superwaif continued her comeback from last year’s cocaine scandal: She’s the new face of Stella McCartney and Italian sportswear company Belstaff. She also recently launched a clothing line for

British retailer Topshop (carried in the U.S. at Barneys New York). Moss has also managed to hang onto modeling gigs with Rimmel, Burberry and Dior. Her relationship with drug-addled British rocker Pete Doherty keeps her in the tabloids.

3. Heidi Klum ($8 million)

The 34-year-old model and mother of three (hubby is singer Seal) renewed her V i ctoria’s Secret contract and still helms the hit Bravo reality show Project Runway. She also hosted Germany’s version of America’s Next Top Model. In her “spare” time, she designs and markets a line of jewelry through Mouawad.

4. Adriana Lima($6 million)

The 26-year-old Victoria’s Secret model is probably the most famous Brazilian babe since Gisele Bundchen. She’s also the face of Maybelline and Italian phone company Telecom Italia. Her April 2006 GQ cover was the highest-selling issue of the year.

5. Alessandra Ambrosio ($6 million)

This olive-skinned beauty, 26, confidently stakes her turf among the Victoria’s Secret Brazilian trinity, which is rounded out by former roommate Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima. She also models for Armani Exchange and Next U.K.

6. Carolyn Murphy ($5 million)

This native Floridian, 31, is ubiquitous. As the main face of Estée Lauder (a title she took over from Elizabeth Hurley in 2001), she peers down at beauty counters all over the world. She can also be seen in campaigns for Jantzen swimwear, Missoni, Versace, Anne Klein and Tiffany and Co.

7. Natalia Vodianova ($4.5 million)

The Russia-born Vodianova, 25, has been a Calvin Klein muse for longer than any other model, including Kate Moss. She also poses for David Yurman jewelry (as does Moss). Vodianova, active in speaking out against eating disorders within the modeling industry, just gave birth to her third child with husband the Honorable Justin Portman, a British real estate heir. So far this year, she’s the only model to have the cover of Vogue to herself.

8. Karolina Kurkova ( $3.5 million)

The 23-ye ar -old Czech model reigns next to Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio as one of the highest-ranking angels in the Victoria’s Secret roster. At 16, Kurkova appeared on the February 2001 cover of American Vogue, making her one of the youngest models ever to do so. She can b e seen in the upcoming movie My Sexiest Year, starring Harvey Keitel and Frankie Muniz, in which she plays–what else?–a supermodel.

9. Daria Werbowy ($3.5 million)

Werbowy’s nam e may not be familiar, but unless you’ve been living underground, you’ve seen this 22-year-old Canadian, who is the face of Lancome. She also models for Louis Vuitton, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, Valentino, H&M, Missoni and David Yurman.

10. Gemma Ward ($3 million)

The Austra lian model doesn’t yet have an American multi -year cosmetic contract, but give her time. The 19-year-old models for Valentino, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Karl Lagerfeld, Swarovski and Louis Vuitton. Her Kewpie-doll look inspired a new rage in the industry and makes her especia lly popular in Japan, where she’s the face of the enormous Kose cosmetics and skincare line.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Tokyo is one of the main fashion destinations of Japan. Here is a list of some places where one could shop for Japanese street clothing:

Harajuku: This has come to be regarded as the hottest fashion center of Tokyo. Genesis of the Takenokozoku and Gothic Lolitas. Harajuku, the birthplace of the cutting edge of Japanese fashion.

Ginza: This fashion area is dotted with a number of prestigious department stores and the top luxury brands from Japan and around the world, where the celebrity lifestyle overflows, as well as restaurants, for shoppers to refresh themselves when in the middle of a shopping spree.

Odaiba: This is considered as a tourist hotspot for street fashion shopping, as well as sightseeing.

Shinjuku: A fashion destination, with a brightly lit up nightlife.

Roppongi: This is an ideal shopping hotspot for English speaking tourists, with an entertaining after-shopping-hours life.

Daikanyama: Surrounded by select shops and cafes with a finely tuned sense of design. A place with a feel for the particular.

Surrounded by select shops and cafes with a finely tuned sense of design. A place with a feel for the particular, Daikanyama.


While considered by many as daring, outlandish and provocative, Japanese fashion has come a long way from being just about kimonos and school uniforms. Their eye-popping and flamboyant outfits have largely been influenced by Japan's huge underground club scene. Tokyo and Osaka is where Japanese Street Fashion is at its best. By adopting a mixture of current and traditional trends along with foreign and local labels, Japanese youth have created their own unique blend of fashion.

Japanese street fashion has a variety of trends and styles. Youth were more elaborate in their dressing patterns and make-up. Bright colours, eccentric patterns, hand-made garments, heavy jewellery, mixing and matching jeans and tank tops with traditional wear like kimonos, is their way of making statements about their cultural influences and way of life. Lolita, Kogal, Cosplay, Ganguro are some of the most sought after styles that Japanese youth display on the streets.

The Ganguro art of dressing is similar to North American youth trying to replicate tanned and blonde celebrities and models. The look consists of light or dark tanned bodies, bleached or dyed hair, summer dresses and platforms. Their exaggerated looks and outfits, is their attempt at westernizing themselves dramatically.

The Kogal style is where young Japanese women display their wealth through various tastes in music and fashion. Wealthy parents often support young girls who are into this style. They keep themselves up-to-date with Japan's ever-growing mobile technology. They adorn themselves with big boots, skirts pinned very high, dramatic make-up and the latest in American fashion brands. Many see the growth of Gothic Lolita to be a reaction to the materialism desire that emerges with the Kogal trend.

Costume Play, shortened to Cosplay is a trend where dressing of characters from manga, anime, fantasy movies and videogames is encouraged. The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Matrix series are some Hollywood films which increased the popularity of Cosplay artists. Japanese youth styled in Cosplay attires are often seen at various public gatherings such as amusement parks, nightclubs dedicated to like-minded dressers and many high profile Cosplay parties.

Lolita is a style with many subcultures, such as Punk Lolita, where chains, beads, lace and wristbands are popular accessories along with pink and peach colour prints. Gothic Lolita focuses on styles emerging from the Victorian age such as dark colours, black make-up, heavy brooches, and ribbons.

Japanese fashion includes a variety of styles and trends for all categories including kid's dresses,teen dresses spring dresses and winter dresses.